Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Download GTA Vice City

The game is set in the fictional state of San Andreas, comprising three metropolitan cities. Set in late 1992,[9] San Andreas revolves around gang member Carl a€œCJa€ Johnson returning home from Liberty City to Los Santos after learning of his mothera€™s murder. CJ finds his family and his old gang, the Grove Street Families, in disarray. Over the course of the game, CJ gradually unravels the plot behind his mothera€™s murder while reestablishing his gang and exploring his own business ventures. Like other games in the series, San Andreas is composed of elements from driving games and third-person shooters, and features a€œopen-worlda€ gameplay that gives the player more control over their playing experience. The game adds several features, such as gang wars, car customization, and character personalization.

Recommended System Requirements

Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP processor 256(+) MB of RAM
16 speed CD / DVD drive
1.55 GB of free hard disk space
(+ 635 MB if video card does NOT support DirectX Texture Compression)
64(+) MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers ("GeForce 3" / "Radeon 8500" or better with DirectX Texture Compression support)
DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with surround sound
Gamepad (USB or Joystick Port)
Keyboard & Mouse


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